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May 25, 2022

Discovering the Moralis Rebrand

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It is no secret, and so shouldn’t come as a surprise, that the inspiration behind Moralis’s icon is a heart. We care about the Web3 community and our platform is a love letter to developers — empowering them to learn, build and create in Web3. 

When we decided to redesign our logo, we wanted something that communicated much MORE than our love for the community. We wanted something that captured the enthusiasm, excitement and energy with which we operate and something that also conveyed the passion and creativity of our thousands of users. 

When we look back at our old logo, we see the love, but we also want to see the rest. So, it is time for a change! 

The New Branding Rollout

As of today, our new logo will appear across our website and throughout our social media channels. As we move forward we will start to integrate our new branding throughout our products.

Keep an eye on our Brand Resources page for exciting new badges and information on how to use our logo.   

If you like our new approach and love what we do, head over to the Moralis Merch Store and grab yourself some swag with the voucher code: NEWLOGO

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