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July 29, 2022

Announcing Moralis Teams

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We’re super excited to announce the Moralis Teams feature! Invite and manage your team seamlessly. Working together with Moralis just got even easier!

Introducing Moralis Teams

Moralis is all about making your Web3 workflow as smooth and fast as possible. Whether through providing world-class APIs like our NFT API, Moralis’ seamless web3 authentication features, or how Moralis dapps are cross-chain by default, we’re always looking for ways to empower your web3 development! 

We know great teams build great things. That’s why we know Web3 workflows need easy and intuitive team management. 

Moralis Teams delivers just that: simple, streamlined team management directly from your Moralis Admin Panel. 

Moralis Teams Features

Large team or small squad, short project or big build, Moralis Teams makes managing your project painless. 

You can now easily add and remove team members and assign roles directly from your Moralis Admin Panel. That means e.g. increased, smoother collaboration, faster iteration, easier on/offboarding for team members, and full control over your dapp’s development.

Working with multiple teams? No problem. 

Simply click on your profile to see which teams you’re assigned to, and switch between them as needed. Select a team, and all dapps linked to that team will be available to work on. Developing several projects just got easier than ever! 

This is just the start of course! We’ll be working hard to make Moralis Teams even better, so stay tuned for further updates. 

What is Moralis?

Moralis empowers your Web3 development. Whether you’re building a dapp on Ethereum, a Web3 game in Unity, or authenticating user wallets, Moralis lets you focus on the important stuff – your use case and users. 

Our suite of cross-chain APIs, SDKs, and plug-ins is cross-chain by default. Build seamlessly across multiple ecosystems with a single workflow, cut your dev time by 87% on average, and slash backend engineering costs.

Join our 100,000-strong (and growing) Web3 dev community, build, learn, and earn NFTs in our weekly Moralis Projects, and check out our extensive Web3 programming tutorials – and check out Moralis Academy. Get started with Moralis for free, and see what you can build. 

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