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June 27, 2022

Updates Coming to Web3UIKit

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In this article, Bill from Moralis documents the ongoing work with making the web3uikit the best UI kit – whether you’re a Web2 or a Web3 developer!

Building the Web3UIKit

GM web3 builders! The bear market is here and that is great news for future builders like us. 

News Update: I will HODL to my assets and I will BUIDL a web3 future without the annoyance of those pesky ‘get rich quick’ kids… who will be back soon so I encourage you all to take this great opportunity to double down on building the decentralised tech they will want to invest in.

As you know we built web3uikit to rebrand our Admin SaaS and it kind of took on an incredible ‘open source’ life of its own. This came with so many surprises, that were both amazing and scary! The amazing part was watching the public and our community use our kit.  Funnily enough this was also the scariest part of the whole experience too! As the community became more involved and ‘wowed’ us with their creativity, drive and support, we naturally found and fixed many issues. The community helped us learn how to improve and make our code more lightweight. 

So get ready for the next generation…web3uikit v1 (that’s right, we are still in beta but it will be revealed soon)!

Web3UIKit V1

The kit will become a mono-repo, so it will only load in the web3 dependencies if you use those components. This will make it more lightweight for web2 devs as we hope to attract even more fantastic builders into our web3 community. We also learnt how to make components like Input and Button more scalable and extendable. We achieved this by separating our concerns with functionality and styling.  We even took inspiration from some of the biggest UI kit players and utilized ‘tree shaking’ (calm down Animal Crossing fans). This allowed us to become more flexible and really focus on creating speedy loading components, for example, our Button and Icon will be super lightweight and only load in the assets they need at any particular render.

But that’s not all folks, we are just getting started…finally I am back to what I do best, coding! Stay tuned folks, breaking but hugely beneficial changes are coming…

but do not worry web3uikit friends, I will make a very nice upgrade guide.

We will also have a full version bump so you do not accidentally upgrade the dependency. 

Finally a big THANK YOU to our fantastic community and everyone for using the web3uikit, please star us on GitHub.

Some people do it for the money, others for the followers, I am 100% powered by GitHub stars xD

Stay tuned for more updates from us soon and happy web3uikitting!

Your friend,


Lead Frontend and web3uikit Admin

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