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July 7, 2021

NFTmall Announces Moralis NFT API & Deep Index API Integration

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We are thrilled to report that NFTmall is adopting Moralis’ NFT API and Deep Index API!

NFTmall Integrates Moralis

We are hugely excited to reveal a partnership that will see NFTmall, the creator-centric NFT marketplace, integrate Moralis. Specifically, NFTmall will be using the Moralis NFT API to retrieve users’ historical NFT metadata instantly. As such, new NFTmall users will be able to simply connect their approved wallet and get access to, e.g., NFT owner credentials, the NFT’s creator, and past transaction history. 

Moreover, NFTmall will also integrate Moralis’ Deep Index API, which provides access to various historical data. This includes historical transactions, smart contract events, and logs. This brings powerful functionality to NFTmall’s backend to ensure that they remain on the bleeding edge of technology. 

“Moralis is the Swiss Army knife of Web3 backend development. Moralis is bringing mass-developer adoption to Web3 and becoming the next AWS in dApp development. We are proud to partner with Moralis to deliver the best NFT experience to our NFTmall community,” said Rakib Ahamed, CEO of NFTmall.

”This partnership with NFTmall provides a great use case to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Moralis. What’s more, we are certain this partnership with NFTmall will deliver the best possible user experience for the end-users,” added Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis.

About NFTmall

NFTmall is the first creator-centric, DeFi-powered, physically redeemable, multichain NFT marketplace. Consequently, NFTmall Marketplace is an NFT platform that caters specifically to NFT creators. NFTmall Marketplace’s features allow users to really build a social profile, a diverse portfolio, and network, as well as give enthusiasts access to an affiliate program with the opportunity to promote their favorite artist with a mutually beneficial operation. Additionally, the NFTmall feature set also includes free minting (without any fee) for creators.

As such, NFTmall has created a safe and trusted marketplace that collectors can rely on. Moreover, cross-chain compatibility and interoperability define NFTmall. Universal, user-friendly marketplaces are the future, and NFTmall has a clear vision of providing just that. NFTmall aims to have fully launched on both the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks by the 29th of July. Check out NFTmall today to learn more!

About Moralis

Moralis is the premier blockchain middleware platform, providing effortless access to powerful Web3 backend infrastructure. Moralis’ back-end infrastructure is fully managed, infinitely scalable, and allows developers to bring dApps or Web3 apps to market easily. 

Moralis offers a full suite of powerful features, including the Moralis NFT API, the Deep Index API, as well as the blockchain node provider service Moralis Speedy Nodes with WebSocket support, along with Moralis’ native IPFS support, full archive nodes, and much, much more. 

Best of all, Moralis’ free tier gives access to over five million requests per day – at no cost. This means you can quickly build dApps with just some basic JavaScript knowledge and deploy them in hours rather than months. Sign up for Moralis for free today, and supercharge your dApp development!

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