Moralis Integrates Passwordless Authentication from Magic

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We at Moralis couldn’t be happier to announce that we’re introducing support for Magic!

Moralis Introduces Magic Support

Magic, the passwordless authentication solution, is now coming to Moralis! Moralis is rolling out support for Magic, which means it will be easier than ever for you to integrate Magic’s ease-to-use authentication solution into your Moralis projects.

Over 100,000 developers have already signed up to Moralis, and are using Moralis’ powerful features to bring their Web3 projects to market quickly. As you may know, Moralis cuts down the average time-to-market for Web3 projects and dApps by a whopping 87%.

A lot of dApps need a good Web3 authentication solution. As such, Moralis is now introducing a new alternative – Magic. Magic is a passwordless user authentication solution and comes with support for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more than 15 other blockchains. What’s more, Magic’s looking to provide a seamless user experience, allowing you to log in your users with just a few lines of code. 

Now that Moralis is introducing support for Magic, you’ll now be able to get easy access to integrate Magic’s great authentication features when building your dApps. In turn, this means your users will be able to lower the onboarding friction, providing an even better user experience.

About Magic

Magic seeks to provide blazing-fast, future-proof, and secure passwordless authentication for your project. In addition to this, Magic provides a customizable end-to-end login solution, allowing you to implement your custom branding, access controls, control session management, and more.

Magic’s SDK supports 15+ blockchains (which include Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana). What’s more, it offers a variety of login methods – including email, SMS, social sign-in, WebAuthn, and multi-factor authentication.

About Moralis

Moralis is the biggest Web3 development platform and cuts down Web3 development time by 87%. Moralis provides you with state-of-the-art backend blockchain infrastructure, as well as powerful tools that supercharge your projects. Using Moralis presents the quickest way to market for any Web3 project.

What’s more, Moralis’ NFT API represents a golden standard for NFT API alternatives. Furthermore, the Moralis Metaverse SDK is the best way to kickstart your next metaverse project. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Moralis today to try it out yourself! 

February 3, 2022
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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