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August 18, 2021

Return of the Moralis Mage

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In the dawn of Ethereum, all was peaceful. ERC-20 tokens traded gracefully across the many Ethereum decentralized markets, all trading at low cost. As the network gave birth to the first DeFi dApps, network fees were paid in turn, and all benefited as a new age of financial freedom emerged. This persisted, and the price of ETH grew, benefiting the early adopters and diamond-handed alike.

Today, all is not well within the land of Ethereum. The orcs and goblins of Traditional Finance (the TradFi) mobilize against the noble developers of Ethereum once again, jealous of the success that the realm breeds.

As the Ethereum developers are building within their fortress, they can hear the rumble of the TradFi at the door. The Ethereum devs are tirelessly building to combat the hordes of TradFi forces threatening death to the oasis. 

These developers are noble in their efforts, but their efforts alone seem not to be enough. A pounding of footsteps can be heard in the distance. Will the building efforts of the Ethereum devs be enough to defend against what is coming?

Vigorously working to avoid hacks while at the same time managing complex and ever-growing infrastructure, many developers struggle to maintain their resolve.

The pounding grows louder; TradFi is here. 

SMASH; the giant door gives way, the TradFi forces have broken through!

Who will save Ethereum now?

Just then, from deep within the Keep, a glowing “M” rises in smoke…

…could it really be…

The Moralis Mage

The Moralis Mage. Not a stranger, but one of their own, a stronger and faster Ethereum dev. All stand in awe of his power, a prowess with dApp creation not witnessed in the Ethereum Realm for thousands of years, not since the foundation of EVM.

Wielding the full power of the Moralis, power bursts forth from his fingertips, and the invading enemy is disintegrated. All the other developers stand in awe at the speed and power of the Moralis Mage, his dApps laying waste to everyone of the advancing TradFi. Order was then restored to Ethereum, and the developers lived to code another day.

But for how long…


Today, we are calling on all developers to take up the mantle of becoming a Moralis Mage. 

Join us, drink deep from the well of Moralis (where all Moralis Mage power is derived), and let Moralis’ powerful SDK for Ethereum development flow through you and into every line of code.

Using the Moralis Web3 framework, you can build faster, better, with so much aggregate data and amazing tools at your fingertips: you are a Moralis Mage.

This is what you must do now:

  1. Join the Moralis DAO Discord, where all essential discussions happen.
  2. Follow this guide to build your first dApp in minutes.
  3. Sign up to the Moralis Forum for technical programming help.
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