Moralis Partners with Blockchain Cuties Universe for 2021 Moralis Hackathon

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We at Moralis are happy to announce that Blockchain Cuties Universe is officially partnering with us for the 2021 Moralis Hackathon!

Blockchain Cuties Universe – Official Partner to the 2021 Moralis Hackathon

Today, we are proud to present Blockchain Cuties Universe as an official partner to the 2021 Moralis Hackathon. Blockchain Cuties Universe, known for the hit collectible pets game, is the latest in a long line of high-profile partners to join the 2021 Moralis Hackathon. In it, developers will compete for a total prize pool of $50,000. Be sure to join the Moralis Hackathon before it ends on June 15th!

”Having Blockchain Cuties Universe along for our hackathon is a great opportunity to spread the word about Moralis. As we quickly approach the end of the 2021 Moralis Hackathon, we are getting excited over soon seeing the finished projects. We are sure both we and Blockchain Cuties Universe will be thrilled over the community’s projects and innovation,” said Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis.

”We couldn’t be happier to be part of the Moralis Hackathon. Moralis makes hugely powerful Web3 backend tools readily available to developers, that will change the best practice for how dApps and Web3 apps are built forever. We can’t wait to see what developers will build in the hackathon,” said Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Once the 2021 Moralis Hackathon draws to a close on June 15th, a jury will select three winners. Specifically, three of the hackathon projects will be chosen to share the $50,000 total prize pool. The project that comes in first place will receive a grand prize of $30,000. Moreover, the team that comes in second place will be awarded $15,000, whilst the team in third place gets $5,000. 

We hope you haven’t missed that Moralis recently left beta with the release of the Moralis Enlightenment Update! Be sure to check out Moralis today for powerful Web3 backend features! Start building the Web3 apps or dApps of the future without worrying about the backend, today!

What is Moralis?

If you aren’t already familiar with Moralis, sign up at to check out all the great features! Moralis is an infinitely scalable, fully managed Web3 backend infrastructure tool. As such, Moralis overhauls the traditionally tedious Web3 app or dApp development process, with Moralis taking care of all your backend needs. You will no longer need to manually set up, manage and maintain your Web3 backend – saving developers both time and money. What are you waiting for?

What is Blockchain Cuties Universe?

Blockchain Cuties Universe is a collectible game about the adventures of adorable pets represented by non-fungible tokens on five different blockchains. The game offers vast possibilities to explore, trade, and create. It’s a very dynamic environment, with regular in-game events and competitions that bring new content and opportunities.

June 3, 2021
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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