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October 28, 2021

Moralis Closes €11.5 Million Seed Round to Supercharge dApp Development

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Moralis, the definitive next-generation Web3 development platform, has raised €11.5 million in a seed funding round led by EQT Ventures.

Moralis Raises €11.5 Million in EQT Ventures-Led Round

The Stockholm-based blockchain development platform Moralis announced today that it has raised €11.5 million in an EQT Ventures-led founding round. Moralis was founded by Ivan Liljeqvist (CEO) and Filip Martinsson (COO) in 2020 and has been live since June 2021, following the conclusion of an open beta phase.

Moralis provides developers with a comprehensive blockchain backend infrastructure. Traditionally Web3 development is fraught with barriers to entry and go-to-market friction. Specifically, developers typically need to set up, manage and maintain their own Web3 backend infrastructure. This is both time-consuming and resource-intensive, which makes it hard for developers to develop decentralized applications (dApps) and Web3 projects. Moreover, there’s currently an acute lack of Web3 proficient developers, which is exacerbated by surging interest in blockchain application development. This is where Moralis comes in.

Moralis offers a unique, end-to-end blockchain application development platform. As Moralis provides access to a fully managed, infinitely scalable backend infrastructure, developers can focus on frontend development. Meanwhile, Moralis handles all the backend issues. What’s more, Moralis’ ease-of-use opens up Web3 development to more developers than ever. 

In effect, this enables hiring from a larger talent pool, as virtually all developers will be familiar with Moralis’ plug-and-play tools to access powerful Web3 functionality. As such, practically all web developers are able to develop and deploy blockchain-based dApps when using Moralis – even without having any prior blockchain programming experience!

Challenges with Web3 and dApp Development 

Moralis provides a unique value proposition in facilitating easy development of dApps and Web3 projects. Namely, there’s a veritable plethora of challenges traditionally associated with Web3 and dApp development that Moralis solves with easy-to-use, plug-and-play solutions. Just to name a few, node management, user authentication, data indexing, data aggregation, and real-time notifications are all topics that will give Web3 developers trouble. However, using Moralis and Moralis’ SDK, developers will be able to access this functionality effortlessly. 

Moralis provides a middleware platform to bridge Web2 and Web3 development. Moreover, Moralis looks to empower the next generation of developers and to dramatically cut time, costs, and complexity from dApp development. Using Moralis, developers are able to build infinitely scalable, secure dApps in days rather than months.

Moralis Seed Funding Round

That Moralis is now raising €11.5 million in an EQT Ventures-led round will allow Moralis to accelerate the advent of seamless dApp development. Moralis will use this seed funding for hiring and continued product development. With it, Moralis will enable developers to cut costs and complexity, and easily create enterprise-scale blockchain-based applications. As such, Moralis is a crucial tool for developers as dApps go mainstream.

“It’s amazing to see such a positive response to Moralis. Moralis adoption is surging, and we’ve already amassed over 50,000 developers since our launch just a few months back. This overwhelming interest in Moralis from the broader blockchain community clearly highlights the existing issues with traditional blockchain development, and how a development platform like Moralis is sorely needed,” said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis.

Furthermore, Antoine Moyroud from EQT Ventures touts Moralis’ ease-of-use and scalable infrastructure tooling as being critical to future dApp development. “When meeting Ivan and Filip, we were fully aligned with their vision to democratise dApp building with best-in-class tools. It’s a privilege to support them on the next chapter of their journey – time to build,” added Antoine Moyroud from EQT Ventures.

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