Moralis Avalanche Hackathon

The total prize pool for the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon is currently at $500,000. Avalanche and Moralis are rewarding $175,000 in bounties just to the top three overall project submissions in the hackathon. The winners will be decided by a panel of judges from Ava Labs, Moralis, and other project and VC partners. Teams that are competing for bounties sponsored by other partners in this hackathon, will be eligible to participate for the top three prizes as well.

Top Three Prizes

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon - 1st Prize


To be considered for the top three prizes, projects must be built on Avalanche using at least one product from Moralis’ integrated suite of developer tools:

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon - 2nd Prize


To be considered for the top three prizes, projects must be built on Avalanche using at least one product from Moralis’ integrated suite of developer tools:

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon - 3rd Prize


To be considered for the top three prizes, projects must be built on Avalanche using at least one product from Moralis’ integrated suite of developer tools:

Project Examples

Below are some examples of projects that might be interesting. Feel free to use these as inspiration for yours or chart your own course!

  • Decentralized Identity (DID) solutions on chain
  • Open source onchain data and analytics API that allow users to build dashboards
  • Decentralized social media or creators economy platform
  • Decentralized sharing economy application e.g., ride sharing, rental services, outsourced work
  • Game creation platform or sandbox (e.g., SDK utilizing PFP NFT projects to build a custom games)
  • GameFi and Play-to-Earn virtual machine for subnet implementation of crypto games
  • DeFi derivatives platform for synthetic assets
  • Native fixed income products
  • Tooling, infrastructure, and virtual machine implementations for subnets
  • Semi private subnets for government, interstate, and regulated use cases

Partner Prizes

In addition to the top three prizes, our hackathon partners are also encouraging projects with their own prize pools:

Best Alpha Finance 
Lab dApp

Best Alpha Finance Lab dApp


To qualify for this prize pool, bounty contestants will build on top of existing ALPHA products such as Alpha Homora V2, AlphaX, or Alpha Tokenomics.

Example Products:

Hedging Leverage Yield Farming Positions, Cross-Chain Data Transfer from Ethereum to Avalanche, Expand Utility of Strike Tokens on AlphaX.

The winner for this bounty will be judged according to six criteria:

  1. Innovation - How new is the idea/concept?
  2. Risk - What are the risks of the implemented protocols/tools?
  3. ALPHA Protocol Utilization - Which
  4. ALPHA product / functionality is used?
  5. Feasibility - Will the tech work and will it fulfill market demand?
  6. Impact - Who are target users? Market size/TVL estimation for the additional feature, if applicable.
  7. Community Vote - ALPHA stakers on Alpha Tokenomics can vote for their preferred team. This voting closes on January 31st, 11:00 AM UTC.

Alpha Finance Lab’s three judges will decide how well your project answers each criterion. A team can get a maximum of 10 points per criterion, and a maximum of 60 points.

Join Alpha Hackathon Telegram to ask the Alpha Devs questions:

Revamp Analytics Dashboard + Portfolio Tracker for Trader Joe 
DEX & Lending

Revamp Analytics Dashboard + Portfolio Tracker for Trader Joe DEX & Lending


This Trader Joe prize pool encourages a portfolio tracker that tracks users’ positions in pools, farms and money markets.

The requirements are:

  1. Must be in React.js
  2. Can refer to for current implementation
  3. Must have DEX analytics: tokens, liquidity, volume
  4. Must have Pool analytics: liquidity, volume, fees generated
  5. Must have Staking analytics: liquidity, % stakes, Fees generated, APR/APY
  6. (optional) Farm analytics: liquidity, reward APR
  7. Must have Lending analytics: deposits, borrows, liquidations

Trader Joe is looking for a UX with speed and ease-of-use.

Participants may use their creativity and try new color themes etc.

For more questions
Join Trader Joe’s Discord chat:

Useful graphql references:

Revamp Analytics Dashboard + Portfolio Tracker for Trader Joe 
DEX & Lending

TVL, APR & APY API for Trader Joe


This Trader Joe prize pool encourages a solution that calculates TVL, APR and APY on a backend, that can be accessed by the frontend via an API.

The requirements are:

  1. Can be any backend but preferably Python or Node.js based
  2. Can refer to for current implementation; must be backwards compatible.
  3. Must have API documentation, e.g., Swagger
  4. Must have testnet configuration
  5. Must return JSON
  6. Must have rate limiting config; for distribution to partners
  7. Must have versioning support

Trader Joe is prioritizing speed and readability of docs and code.

For more questions
Join Trader Joe’s Discord chat:

Useful graphql reference:

Best Use of Yield Yak’s Interest-Bearing Assets

2 x $20,000

This Yield Yak total prize pool of $40,000 will award 2 winners (2x $20,000). It seeks to promote the “Best Use or Innovation of Yield Yak’s Interest-Bearing Assets”.

Yield Yak offers Avalanche developers the widest range of interest-bearing assets. Developers can display their skills by building on Yield Yak Farms and Yak Receipt Tokens. Add yield to DEX deposits, build index products, make loans repay themselves, or build completely new earning strategies!

For queries, join Yak Devs Telegram channel:

Best Yield Yak Front-End Integration


This Yield Yak prize pool of $20,000 aims to encourage the “Best Front-End Integration for Yield Yak”.

Specifically, participants should build a front-end that they’d love to use for Yield Yak Swap or Yield Yak Farms. Yield Yak Swap and Farms are among the most popular and trusted DeFi applications on Avalanche. Developers can put their front-end development skills to the test by building alternative front-ends that will stand the test of time and give the community a more diverse set of user interfaces.

For queries, join Yak Devs Telegram channel:

Best Custom Router for Yield Yak Swap


This Yield Yak prize pool of $20,000 incentivizes you to develop the “Best Overall Custom Router for Yield Yak Swap (DEX Aggregator)“.

As such, participants can contribute to the fully open-source DEX aggregator by building a custom router for Yield Yak Swap to improve trade execution or open new possibilities.. Yield Yak Swap uniquely offers all logic on-chain. Use the complete range of adapters to execute swaps through all DEXs on Avalanche. Develop a custom router to improve trade execution. For example, by allow multi-path trades.

For example, by building a custom router designed for smart contracts like Yield Yak Farms, which transact many thousands of trades per day and require extreme gas efficiency.

For queries, join Yak Devs Telegram channel:

Best Use of IPFS or NFT.Storage for Content-Addressed Data


IPFS & Filecoin will award $5,000 to each of the top three projects (3x $5,000) that best use IPFS or for content-addressed data.

Additionally, IPFS & Filecoin have a special $15,000 prize pool that will be split between all other qualifying submissions. All prizes will be paid in FIL.

All the important info to start hacking can be found in IPFS & Filecoin’s Getting Started document and 99 Ideas for Hackathon page.

Add Utility and P2P OTC for Tokens Vested on the Avalaunch Platform


This Avalaunch bounty of $30,000 aims to encourage developers to find ways to engage holders while their vested tokens are locked on the Avalaunch platform post-IDO.

Avalaunch have considered a few examples.

  1. The ability to transfer a vested portion to an NFT that can be be traded freely. Either on a marketplace of our own or third-party sites. Ownership of this NFT would afford the holder rights to claim that portion of tokens, when they unlock.
  2. Allow projects to deploy a farm which they could provide rewards for that would allow vested tokens to be staked and earn yield in the form of the project’s token. As the staked tokens unlock, but are kept in the farms, their earning power within the farm is increased.

The above are just examples, and could certainly be improved upon.

Avalaunch are also open to any thinking that provides additional utility, incentives or liquidity to tokens vested on the Avalaunch platform, which are claimed through the Avalaunch UI.

Best Implementation of Opt-in Notification Systems for dApps


With this prize pool of $30,000, Snowball seeks to reward the best implementation of opt-in notification systems for dApps.

This implementation is to create a working prototype of a notification system that users can opt-in with a public address and signature. They would also be able to tie it together with their Discord, Twitter, email, or phone number for when notifications pushed from the organization (Snowball/Axial) occur or certain states/events on-chain occur.

Some pieces of existing work that may be beneficial include:, Ethereum Push Notification Service (, Esprezzo ( and the Open DeFi Notification Protocol (

The First Index on Avalanche


This Colony prize pool of $20,000 will encourage developers to build the first index on Avalanche. An index is a great tool to get exposure to different assets/coins, and that is why Colony would like to create an index with the top 10 market cap projects inside the Avalanche ecosystem.

In this index, Colony will deploy capital (close to $2M) but would like to open its functionalities to other market participants. Therefore, Colony aims at creating a pool where anyone can commit USDT to be exposed to these projects.

Talented developers will be able to build an optimal process to allow users to access the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem through Colony’s Index. Depending on the time allocated to building the index, there is 3 different levels referring to how far one can push the Index concept and related functionalities.

Level 1 - Index Exposition:

  • It allows users to commit 1 stable-coin (USDT for example) to a pool
  • The pool is deploying the committed capital equally into the top 10 projects by market cap on Avalanche
  • It allows users to get large exposure to several assets in a short time without increasing the Tx cost (batch)
  • It allows users to redeem the capital committed in the pool in a short time (batch)

Level 2 – LP Token Generation:

  • It allows users to commit with 1 stable-coin to a pool (same Index pool) and receive Colony Index LP tokens
  • LP tokens are needed to unlock the shares of capital provided in the pool by the user.
  • It allows users to open/close a trove with their Colony Index LP Token as collateral vs. Colony Stable coin.

Level 3 - Use Optimization (Automated Staking) :

  • The goal is to allow users to be exposed to each of the Index projects with the best ROI possible. For example, owning Trader Joe tokens is great, but it’s better if you can stake it.

Index Rules:

  • 10 constituents being the highest market cap on Avalanche (Stable-Coin excluded)
  • Equally weighted (10% weight on each constituent)
  • Rebalancing based on predefined rules, such as “every week”, or “every time a constituent weight reaches above 20%“.
  • Modification of constituents, if a new project reaches the top 10 by market cap, it can be integrated to the index. The DAO will vote on index constituents every quarter (to add/remove tokens from the index).

If any question regarding the index or Colony, the Moralis Discord is a place where people can freely share ideas and discuss solutions.

Best Use of Chainlink Technology

10 x $2,000

This Chainlink prize pool of $20,000 incentivizes hackathon participants to build using Chainlink technology.

Specifically, it will award the ten best projects that utilize Chainlink’s technology with $2,000 each in LINK.

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network provides reliable, tamper-proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

Best BENQI dApp


BENQI’s $40,000 prize pool is meant to encourage the “Best BENQI dApp/tool”. It will be judged based on how well it answers the following questions.

Will there be any additional smart contract risk and/or economic risk for BENQI if implemented? Does the implementation increase TVL? Will it make existing TVL more sticky? Will the dApp make user onboarding more easy and seamless? Will users be less likely to be liquidated? Who are the target users?

Participants will be eligible if they create tools and/or products built on top of BENQI’s lending & borrowing protocol. For example, products that increase the adoption and usage of qiTokens, or help mitigate liquidations for users etc. This bountry is open-ended by design, participants can be as creative as possible.

For queries, join BENQI’s Discord Dev channel:

Best Implementation of Gitcoin Grants Platform


This $20,000 Pangolin prize pool is meant to encourage the best implementation of a Gitcoin grants platform.

Specifically, it will award porting GitCoin DGrants to Avalanche ( or a custom implementation of a grants platform.

Best Use of the Covalent API

10 x $2,000

This $20,000 Covalent prize pool will go toward encouraging the best use of the Covalent API. Specifically, Covalent is offering $2,000 USD (equivalent) to the top 10 projects making use of the Covalent API for their Moralis Avalanche Hackathon #BUIDLs.

The Covalent API is ideal for building projects related to:

  • Multi-chain asset tracking, ROI, cost basis and tax calculators
  • DEX and DAO analytics and transparency dashboards (for example, see what DAO members are holding/trading)
  • Investor dashboards
  • On-chain identity solutions
  • NFT galleries and marketplaces
  • Blockchain explorers / scanners
  • Multi-platform and custom-themed crypto wallets (e.g. multi-chain asset balance tracker that can be used on a wearable device, built into a spreadsheet, or offered as a browser extension)

Web3 API (Token, Balances, NFTs)

Moralis Web3 API is a very fast and powerful blockchain API allowing you to query data from any chain.

Crypto Login

Authenticate with both Avalanche and Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Many Others.

Smart Contract Events

Syncing historical smart contract events and getting notification when new events happen in real-time!


Ivan on Tech - Moralis - Founder
Ivan on Tech

CEO & Founder at Moralis

Kevin Sekniqi, Chief Operating Officer at Avalanche
Kevin Sekniqi

Chief Operating Officer at Avalanche

Luigi Donorio Demeo

Ava Labs DeFi Director

Julien Bouteloup
Julien Bouteloup

Founder at Stake DAO & Core Team at Curve Finance

Stani Kulechov

CEO & Founder at AAVE


Co-Founder of BENQI

Justin Trollip
Justin Trollip

CEO at Pangolin


Co-Founder at Trader Joe

More Judges TBA