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January 21, 2022

Moralis Magazine #23 – Web3 Gaming Genesis

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Our complete collection of past magazine issues are available on the Moralis blog.

What is Moralis?

We (the Moralis DAO) support and use the most robust and powerful Web3 framework available.

Moralis is a powerful Web3 framework, but together as the Moralis DAO, we are so much more than that. We want to help you level up your developments by giving you the tools and components you need to build your applications quickly. 

Prepare Yourself – The Battle of Web3 is Here!

Welcome Web3 developers and Moralis Mages to this week’s edition of Moralis Magazine! Whether you are building a hackathon submission, your own side project, or just getting started with dApp development, the core team at Moralis is here to help! We can’t wait to see what you will build this year, and we are back to bring you more elite Web3 tools and tips.

What are you building with Moralis? Are you stuck? Reach out to us with questions and comments. Who knows, we may even respond to you directly in a future magazine! 

Send Us Your Questions

100,000 Users Strong – Next Stop: 1,000,000

As was announced last week during a “QnA and Heart to Heart” live stream with Ivan on Tech, Moralis now has a whopping 100,000 users, and the growth shows no signs of slowing! For this year, we’ve got our sights set high once again, and will settle for nothing less than 1,000,000 users by the end of the year!

We are so glad you are here, now it is time to tell everyone: 

“Join us and be part of the Web3 revolution, or risk being left behind. Moralis is the future of web development – a future with no shortage of success!”

Bored Moralis Mage Upgrades

The Bored Moralis Mage NFT set has been upgraded! All newly-minted NFTs will be produced using our new custom 3D card enhancements and animations.

Bored Moralis Mage NFTs cannot be purchased from us; instead, they can only be earned through proof of code. Check out the Moralis’ official Discord channel for details on this week’s contest.

Interested parties can check out the improvements to the set live on OpenSea.

Undistributed NFTs (with apprentice card teaser):

Full Collection

New JavaScript SDK

The new JavaScript SDK has been released and is ready for public use and is currently in beta. But don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself:

The new SDK supports Ethers.js instead of Web3.js and is a breaking upgrade. Early adopters can benefit from starting with the upgraded version today!

By Your Powers Combined

This week’s Bored Moralis Mage NFT contest is in full swing. We’ll crown a winner from participants who successfully incorporate both the new JavaScript SDK and Moralis Nitro (both new Moralis upgrades).

Check out the Moralis forum for additional details on getting started with Moralis Nitro:

Each of you is part of something extraordinary, and this magazine is all about putting the power of Moralis to work for you!

We are all Moralis and are here to support each other. If you are not already active in the Moralis DAO Discord, today’s the day to make your introduction.

Inside the Moralis DAO Discord, you’ll find a stacked deck of Moralis experts and fellow mages. Post your projects and get feedback from the community, participate in coding challenges, and stay updated with the latest Moralis features and updates.

…and now Moralis Mages, the main event…

Deploy In-Game Assets with Moralis

Our Moralis Expert Ash is at it again, with even more tools for Web3 game developers! This video is the next step in Ash’s game development series, where we learn how to enhance our existing dApps while taking the Ethereum boilerplate to the next level.

This week, we will build a drag-and-drop UI for in-game NFT items. Check it out:

Elements of this week’s tutorial build on steps from the previous week. If you are joining us late, this link will help you get caught up:

What you do with the tools and expertise provided is up to you, and we hope this magazine helps spark some ideas.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this week’s Moralis Magazine useful. 


See you next time 💚

The Moralis Research Team

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