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Smart Wallet Alerts API

Boost user engagement up to 300% with customized real-time notification service, designed to deliver unparalleled on-chain insights directly to your users’ portfolios.

Revolutionize Wallet Engagement with On-Chain Insights

Revolutionize Wallet Engagement with On-Chain Insights

Making it easy for developers to integrate real-time alerts into their applications.

Track any users’ wallet address

Give your end-users the information they need to protect their assets, hold or double down in quality tokens before anyone else.

Give your users a reason to come back to your application

Increase user engagement and build trust by providing real-time alerts and true insights on their token holdings.

Implement our easy-to-integrate solution and watch your wallet app thrive.

Supported Events

Get real insights

How it works

Easy and Fast Integration

Setup Alerts

Configure what alerts you want to track: liquidity, buyers, experienced buyers, and holders. Provide a webhook URL to receive alerts.

Specify Wallet Address

Add one or up to a million addresses. We keep track of each wallet's token holdings in real-time and monitor all of the tokens for important changes.

Receive webhooks notifications

When something important happens we send you a webhook with the affected wallet address, which token, and alert information.

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