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Mover Announces Unstoppable Domains Integration via Moralis

We’re excited to reveal that Mover is announcing Unstoppable Domains integration via Moralis!

Mover Integrates Unstoppable Domains via Moralis

Mover, the DeFi company, is now integrating Unstoppable Domains, the blockchain domain name provider and gateway to the decentralized web, with the help of Moralis. Specifically, Mover’s integration of Unstoppable Domains is made possible by Mover’s existing partnership with Moralis. 

Those keeping an eye on Moralis’ announcements will remember that Mover announced their initial Moralis integration back in late July. At the time, Mover chose to integrate Moralis due to Moralis’ Speedy Nodes functionality and Deep Index API. Now, Mover is expanding its use of Moralis through Moralis’ brand-new Unstoppable Domains functionality. This allows projects using Moralis to seamlessly resolve Unstoppable Domains addresses, giving them easy access to Unstoppable Domain’s well-known blockchain domain solution. Moreover, this Unstoppable Domains integration will dramatically simplify crypto transfers for Mover users by adding support for Unstoppable Domains addresses.

“Seeing Mover integrate Unstoppable Domains with the help of Moralis is a testament to Moralis’ ease-of-use and ever-growing functionality. What’s more, it is a great example of why Moralis is quickly becoming the definitive Web3 development platform. This sort of seamless integration is how dApps and Web3 projects should be built in the future – and with Moralis, the future of Web3 development is available today,” said Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis.

This comes in addition to Moralis’ many other features that allow projects to supercharge their dApp, DeFi, and Web3 development process. Be sure to sign up for free with Moralis today and get access to 155 million monthly free RPC node requests. Join the likes of Mover and Unstoppable Domains that already work with Moralis!

What is Mover?

Mover is a DeFi-centric company that seeks to provide financial services for the digital generation. It describes itself as “if DeFi and fintech had a baby”, and seeks to facilitate an easy way to send, store, trade, and earn interest on crypto through the use of a debit card.

Furthermore, Mover wants to democratize access to permissionless and open finance. Mover achieves this through providing an intricate yield-aggregation system, a Smart Treasury system to cover has expenses, and accessible mobile applications.

What is Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains is a blockchain domain name provider that acts as a gateway to the decentralized web. Founded in 2018, Unstoppable Domains enables the purchase of a decentralized domain name as an NFT. As a result, owners can easily store and control their domain assets from their cryptocurrency wallets. 

As such, Unstoppable Domains allows for effortless ownership of decentralized websites and full control over them. Unstoppable Domains is already becoming a high-profile player in the emerging Web3 landscape and has backing from well-known institutional actors.

What is Moralis?

Moralis is a next-gen Web3 development platform that provides a comprehensive blockchain backend infrastructure. Essentially, Moralis acts as middleware between the blockchain and the frontend development. In doing so, Moralis provides projects with a fully managed, infinitely scalable blockchain backend infrastructure. As such, companies can develop and deploy dApps in a matter of minutes and days rather than weeks and months.

Using Moralis, you’ll be able to build using a single snippet of code. What’s more, Moralis comes with zero fear for lock-in, as Moralis features endless integrations. Not only does Moralis provide a long list of capable APIs, like the Moralis Price API, Moralis NFT API, and many others, Moralis also features things like IPFS support and MetaMask authentication. Projects can either integrate Moralis with their existing infrastructure or use the Moralis SDK for access to Moralis’ full backend.

August 11, 2021
Moralis Blog
Moralis Blog
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