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Web3 game NFT power-ups with Unity and Moralis.
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Moralis Projects – Web3 Game Power-Ups

This week’s Web3 Game Power-Ups Moralis Project premieres on the 16th of July on the Moralis YouTube channel! Use minted NFTs as power-ups to boost your character’s abilities using Unity and Moralis. Like and subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on future projects. 

We’re taking a bold leap forward for NFT use cases in Web3 Games this week. In some of our previous Unity Projects, we converted game items into NFTs. This time we’re going to reverse the process.

We’ll consume an already minted NFT, and use its attributes to power up our 3D character movement. Get ready for some invincible Super Mario vibes!

All steps in the docs below will be covered in the video.


Help and Resources

Make sure to join the Moralis Discord server, and head to this week’s project channel where you can meet your fellow builders, and get help from our Moralis Tech Support Wizards if you need it.

We recommend setting up notifications in the #projects-notifications channel too. 

The Moralis Forums have a dedicated thread for Web3 Game Power-Ups where you can find additional discussions and solutions from the community. 

You can also take the Moralis Academy Web3 Game Power-Ups course 100% FREE. All previous Moralis Project courses are available there as well.  

Improving Moralis Projects

Moralis Projects are designed to be an exciting, practical way to get you started on your Web3 development journey. They’re also perfect for showing “proof of knowledge” as part of your Web3 portfolio.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve these projects, we want to hear them! 

The same goes for mistakes. If you spot anything wrong in any Moralis Project, please share it with us and the community. Bonus mage points if you suggest merge requests. 

Earning Your NFT and Next Steps

Once you’ve completed your project, make sure to submit it in the #🏆finished-projects channel in the Moralis Discord to claim your NFT (and feel free to brag about it on socials – you’ve earned it!). 

Moralis Projects are just the start. Think of them as a launch pad – something you can develop further or use as inspiration for your own builds. 

Whatever you’re creating, we love to see it! Make sure to share your work with the community in the #😎builtwithmoralis Discord channel.

Now, on to this week’s project!

Web3 Game Power-Ups – Getting Started

Clone the project GitHub repository:

git clone  

Or download it as a ZIP file:

Once cloned/downloaded, open the unity-web3-sample-nft-powerup folder using Unity Hub. By default, is it always recommended to use the same Unity version as used originally (2021.3.6f1 LTS):

With the project open in Unity, we’re ready to start!

July 15, 2022
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