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Moralis Projects – Learn How to Build a Web3 Angry Birds Game

In this week’s project we’re going to recreate the popular Angry Birds game, but the playable bird character is going to be an NFT! 

To do that, first we will learn how to import the Mumbai Testnet to our MetaMask wallet so we can do all the process without paying real gas. Then we will learn how to deploy a Smart Contract to the Mumbai Testnet using Remix IDE. After that, we will call a function from that contract to mint the NFT using a local image in Unity.

Finally, we will retrieve the NFT metadata and use its image as a character in our game.

Be ready because this is going to be huge!


  • Some basic experience with Unity. If you’re new to Unity, check out this introductory guide:
  • Unity Hub and Unity Editor installed (recommended 2020.3)
  • Basic knowledge of C#. The following guide goes through the fundamentals of C#:
  • Having MetaMask installed both on your browser and your mobile device, with the Mumbai Testnet imported and some funds in both.


The easiest way to get the Unity sample project required for this week’s build is to download the ZIP file:

You also clone the youtube-tutorials GitHub Repository:

git clone

Find the correct folder named unity-web3-angryBirds and open it with Unity using Unity Hub.


So here you have the structure that the video will follow:

  1. First, we’re gonna setup the Project and the Moralis Server so we can log into Web3
  1. Second, we’re gonna import the Mumbai Testnet to our MetaMask and add test funds to it so we can go through all the following processes without having to pay any real gas.
  1. Third, I’m gonna show you how easy we can set up the minting process using the Moralis SDK for Unity
  1. After that, we’re gonna deploy the Smart Contract we need using Remix IDE. Calling its MINT function from Unity, we will create a new NFT using a local sprite.
  1. Finally, we will retrieve its metadata and use its image as a character in the game.
April 29, 2022
Moralis Blog
Moralis Blog
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