Moralis Projects - Build Your First Dapp
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Moralis Projects – Build Your First Dapp

Just starting your Web3 journey? Then this week’s project is for you! We’ll show you how to build a simple market sentiment dapp that users can interact with. This is the perfect opportunity to build your first dapp alongside the community!

You’ll learn how to use all the essential tools for dapp building, including React, Hardhat, the web3uikit and Moralis, to create a dapp that can authenticate users and let them vote on token trends.

It’s the perfect project to start building your Web3 portfolio. Once you’ve nailed these fundamentals, the sky’s the limit!

First Steps

This week’s Moralis Project will be premiering May 21st on YouTube. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel to get notified of all future premiers. All Project steps will be outlined in the video.


  • Some developing experience and use of an IDE like Visual Studio Code
  • An interest in learning Web3 development
  • Knowledge of, and experience using, a Web3 wallet like Metamask

This Week’s Challenge – Build Your First Dapp

You’re going to build a simple crypto market sentiment app where authenticated users can vote whether a token will trend up or down. You’ll learn all the tools needed for your very first dapp:

Hardhat: Write, compile, deploy and verify a solidity smart contract

React: Build a simple single-page web application

Web3uikit: Use the leading UI library for web3 applications

Moralis: Sync Smart Contract Events, Database Live Queries and Web3Api calls

Need Help?

We’ve got an official Discord channel on the Moralis Discord Server dedicated to each Moralis Project. This channel can be used to connect with others building each week’s projects, ask questions, and present your builds.

A Moralis Tech Support wizard will also be on hand to answer any questions and provide assistance. Be sure to join the Discord server and get involved in the conversation!

Set up notifications in projects-notifications and jump into this week’s channel: #web3-firstdapp.

The Moralis Forum also has a designated thread for a comprehensive discussion of this week’s build.

How to Get Started

The starter code required for this week’s build may be cloned from the youtube-tutorials GitHub Repository.

git clone –

After cloning the repo, be sure to navigate to the correct folder.

You can install all the project dependencies by running the command: cd youtube-tutorials

cd youtube-tutorials 
cd FirstDapp-Starter

If you want to have a browse at the final build (including the solidity contract) you can find it by following this link:


Now you’re ready to rock and follow the tutorial!

Make sure that you’ve joined our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you’ve got!

If you complete the project, you’ll be able to claim a special Moralis Buidler NFT from the community engineers on Moralis Discord! Certainly worth boasting about on your socials.

May 20, 2022
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