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Moralis Projects – Build a Web3 Medium Clone

This week’s Moralis Project will premiere on Saturday, June 18th on YouTube!

Be sure to like the video, and subscribe to the channel to get notified about all future premieres. All the steps in these docs will be outlined in the video.


  1. Some development experience and use of an IDE like VS Code
  2. Knowledge of and experience using a wallet like MetaMask
  3. Javascript and React

This Week’s Challenge – Build A Web3 Medium Clone

In this week’s Moralis Project, we’re going to clone the popular blogging platform Medium, but with a Web3 twist!

We’ll learn how to create a dapp (decentralized application) that will enable users to create and mint their blog posts as NFTs. 

You’ll start by writing a Solidity smart contract that allows you to mint an ERC721 token. 

Next, you’ll learn how to use Moralis to upload your blog posts/NFT content into decentralized storage on IPFS.

Using React, you’ll then build a frontend that has the look and feel of the Medium web application. 

Finally, we’ll cover how to use Moralis to authenticate users in the dapp, allowing them to interact with the smart contract you built in a user-friendly manner. 

Happy Buidling!

Need Help?

Join the Moralis Discord server and head to this week’s Moralis Projects channel – #web3-medium – to connect with your fellow builders. 

A Moralis Tech Support Wizard will also be on hand to help if you’ve got any questions or need assistance.

Make sure to set up notifications in projects-notifications too!

If you prefer, we also have a specific discussion thread for this week’s build on the Moralis Forums.

You can also take the Web3 Medium Clone course at Moralis Academy totally FREE OF CHARGE!

Here you’ll find a step-by-step walkthrough of the complete build, split into easily digestible chapters and useful code snippets. 

Can You Improve Our Projects?

All Moralis Projects are starter tutorials designed to give your Web3 development journey a helpful push in the right direction.

Want to go even further, and build a more ambitious project based on what you learned in a Moralis Project? Go for it!

If you find any mistakes in a Moralis Project, feel free to share them with the community. We highly encourage you to suggest merge requests in the final build repos for extra brownie points too. 

How to Get Started

The starter code required for this week’s build may be cloned from the following GitHub Repository.

git clone

After cloning the repo, be sure to navigate to the correct folder.

Finally, you can install all the project dependencies by running the command:

cd Medium-start

If you want to have a browse at the final build (including the solidity contract) you can find it by following this link:


Now you’re ready to rock and follow along with the tutorial! Make sure that you’ve joined the Moralis Discord, and feel free to ask any questions! 

If you complete the project, you’ll be able to claim a special Moralis Projects NFT (see below) from the community engineers in the #finished-projects channel.

Something worth boasting about on social media for sure 😉 

June 17, 2022
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