Moralis Partners with LunarCRUSH for 2021 Moralis Hackathon

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It’s our great pleasure to formally announce LunarCRUSH as an official partner to the 2021 Moralis Hackathon!

LunarCRUSH – Official Partner to the 2021 Moralis Hackathon

We at Moralis are overjoyed to be able to share LunarCRUSH as the latest official partner to the 2021 Moralis Hackathon! The 2021 Moralis Hackathon will see developers compete for a total prize pool of $50,000 in building innovative Web3 apps and dApps. The Moralis Hackathon is open to join now – what are you waiting for?

“Partnering with Moralis and funding the next generation of builders joining the cryptocurrency space aligns with our mission of bringing the community together from all of the world, because good ideas come from everywhere,” said Joe Vezzani, Co-Founder and CEO of LunarCRUSH.

”We think it’s amazing to have LunarCRUSH be a part of the 2021 Moralis Hackathon,” added Ivan on Tech, Founder of Moralis. ”Moralis has the power to accelerate the advent of Web3 dramatically. Moralis is a backend solution developed by developers for developers, and we can’t wait to see what exciting projects this hackathon will give rise to.”

The 2021 Moralis Hackathon is open to join for anyone with an idea until June 15, 2021. Following the June 15 deadline, a jury will evaluate the various competing projects. This jury will then settle on three projects that will get to share the total prize pool of $50,000. The team that comes in first place will be awarded the hackathon’s grand prize of $30,000. The team that comes in second place will receive $15,000, while the team that comes in third place will receive $5,000.    

The only stipulation for entering the 2021 Moralis Hackathon is that teams use Moralis’ tech. Moralis offers a fully managed, infinitely scalable Web3 backend to devs looking to build Web3 apps or dApps. Build the dApp of your dreams today!

LunarCRUSH Moralis Hackathon Use Case Example

Anyone who enters the 2021 Moralis Hackathon is entirely free to build whatever the person wants, as long as it is built using Moralis. However, we strongly encourage contestants to build something using our partners’ technologies. We know that it can sometimes be hard to come up with an idea entirely from scratch. That is why we want to introduce the LunarCRUSH API to give you some inspiration as to what this allows you to build!

More specifically, the LunarCRUSH API allows a developer to fetch the social sentiment for different coins. The example use case applications for this are vast, and it’s up to you to think about how you can implement this. Moreover, you can also integrate LunarCRUSH’s LunarSTREAM websocket to track social metrics like Social Engagement or Social Volume for assets. 

Consequently, contestants can build an exchange with LunarCRUSH integration and display social scores for a user’s different coins. Essentially, this can allow you to integrate LunarCRUSH’s sentiment analysis for different coins into the dApp you are building. The sky’s the limit! Read more about LunarCRUSH’s API in the official documentation. 

What is LunarCRUSH?

LunarCRUSH is a social listening analytics platform delivering community insights to cryptocurrency investors, exchanges, and funds worldwide. Whether it’s research applications on the LunarCRUSH website or real-time APIs, LunarCRUSH helps investors make better decisions. LunarCRUSH operates according to the maxim ”without a community, there is no crypto” and seeks to keep track of the online cryptocurrency communities.

Through LunarCRUSH’s marquee metrics AltRank™ and Galaxy Score™, social-focused Markets pages, and the only real-time Influencer Ranking tool, investors gain insight into the crypto market like never before.

May 12, 2021
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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Real-Time blockchain data delivered to your backend via webhooks. Used by the biggest dapps.
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