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December 10, 2021

Moralis Magazine Issue #17 – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Table of Contents

What is Moralis?

We (the Moralis DAO) support and use the most robust and powerful Web3 framework available.

Moralis is a powerful Web3 framework, but together as the Moralis DAO, we are so much more than that. We want to help you level up your developments by giving you the tools and components you need to build your applications quickly. 

The Moralis Magazine Holiday Series Has Arrived!

Week 1: Hackathon Warm-Up Week!

The holiday season is upon us, and at Moralis, we are ready to celebrate another fantastic year in blockchain development! This week, we are getting ready for the biggest event of the season, the Moralis x Avalanche Hackathon!

Partners, builders, and Moralis Mages from all corners of the world are coming together to build the newest and most exciting blockchain projects. Each project is built on the fast and proficient Avalanche blockchain ecosystem.

Join the event today! You will not only experience the power of the Avalanche Contract Chain (C-Chain) but have the opportunity to sculpt its future together with other like-minded programmers.

What are you building with Moralis? Are you stuck? Reach out to us with questions and comments. Who knows, we may even respond to you directly in a future magazine! 

Send Us Your Questions

It’s Not Too Late – Join the Moralis x Avalanche Hackathon Today!

This is warm-up week, meaning that we are building teams and consulting with others who may want to collaborate with us. 

See our “Team Building Events” schedule below for more info. Moreover, these virtual meet and greets are specially designed to introduce you to other Moralis builders from around the world. 

Solo builders welcome! If you would prefer to build on your own, fear not! Coordinating with a team is completely optional, and dApp submission will be accepted from teams and solitary contributors alike (all are welcome).

Stay Up To Date All Events Long!

To help you stay up-to-date with all the events throughout the week, we have created a VIP schedule. Click the following link to view all the exclusive events and sync the calendar with your own:

Moralis x Avalanche Team Building Events

Are you looking for cohorts to aid in the construction of your crypto-masterpiece? Fear not; Moralis has your back! We will be hosting live metaverse team-building events all week long. However, if you missed yesterday’s or today’s event, it is not too late! Groups will continue to form during the three remaining scheduled periods – we can’t wait to see you there…

Partners with Prizes

Whether you are teaming up with others or building on your own, Moralis is about a community that works together to make cryptocurrency and blockchain development better and more accessible.

We want to take the opportunity here to say thanks to all of our hackathon sponsors; without you, this event would not be possible!

Covalent is just one of the amazing sponsors we’ve got on board. You can find the rest here

Premium Prize Pool!

Big prizes are available to hackathon participants! Take a look at the premium prize pool below:

Moralis – An Eco-Conscious Initiative

Moralis supports sustainability and environmentally sound practices. As blockchain becomes mainstream, the potential for runaway power consumption is real. To read our views on this important topic, and see the steps we are taking to improve sustainability long term, have a look at our recent statement:

Each of you is part of something extraordinary, and this magazine is all about putting the power of Moralis to work for you!

We are all Moralis and are here to support each other. If you are not already active in the Moralis DAO Discord, today’s the day to make your introduction.

Inside the Moralis DAO Discord, you’ll find a stacked deck of Moralis experts and fellow mages. Post your projects and get feedback from the community, participate in coding challenges, and stay updated with the latest Moralis features and updates.

Coming Soon – A Moralis Exclusive…

3 Wise (Bored) Moralis Mage NFTs

Our Bored Moralis Mage collection (an NFT set held exclusively by our weekly Moralis contest winners) continues to grow.

The next three NFTs will be part of a three-part series as they come bearing gifts of Moralis knowledge and training.

This is the Season for Giving!

…and we are proud to present our first Moralis Mage holiday gift:

Instant Surveys

From previous issues of Moralis Magazine, we’ve learned how easy it is to get started with your own dApp using the Ethereum boilerplate ( Moreover, we are continuously working to find new tools and ways to get started with Moralis quickly and efficiently.

In this next video, our own Moralis expert, Ash, will show us how to quickly integrate voting/survey functions into our Web3 dApps; check it out!

Are you new to Moralis? We have a brand new “from scratch” Moralis course for you. This is a 6-hour long course that will change your life! Once completed, you will be ready to dive deep into all the holiday treasures we have to share this season :christmas tree: :christmas present:

What you do with the tools and expertise provided is up to you, and we hope this magazine helps spark some ideas.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this week’s Moralis Magazine useful. 


See you next time 💚

The Moralis Research Team

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