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February 4, 2022

Moralis Magazine #25 – Everybody dApp Now!

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Our complete collection of past magazine issues are available on the Moralis blog.

What is Moralis?

We (the Moralis DAO) support and use the most robust and powerful Web3 framework available.

Moralis is a powerful Web3 framework, but together as the Moralis DAO, we are so much more than that. We want to help you level up your developments by giving you the tools and components you need to build your applications quickly. 

Moralis Mages, Welcome Back! 

Greeting developers and Moralis Mages, it has been said before that “time waits for no one”. 

No industry knows this better than emerging tech; you, the Moralis Mages, are the tip of the spear! There is no time like the present, and we are back with another magazine meant to keep you on the track to success in Web3 development. Let’s go!

What are you building with Moralis? Are you stuck? Reach out to us with questions and comments. Who knows, we may even respond to you directly in a future magazine! 

Send Us Your Questions

Web3 Tech Stack

If you have spent any time as an IT student, then you were likely introduced to one or more technology stacks. Technology stacks, or tech stacks, describe the hierarchy or protocols and components that make up an information system. As you may already know, Moralis represents the ultimate Web3 tech stack.

This way of thinking is also common when working with Web3. Want to see how? Join us as Moralis Web3 founder Ivan on Tech breaks down the Web3 tech stack one component at a time:

Look Out! Here Comes Moralis-Man

Next up in our line of exclusive Bored Moralis Mage NFTs comes Miles Moralis! 

A playful parody on everyone’s favorite wily web-slinger! 

Miles Moralis is not only the newest NFT; he is part of the newest challenge where Moralis Mages, just like you, are competing to build a brand new Web3 game in just under one week. Submissions should feature our tributary titan (a.k.a. Miles Moralis) to be considered for this week’s giveaway.

NFT Sync Tutorial (Weekly Contest)

Are you already the proud holder of a Moralis NFT? If so, it is now possible to sync your NFT to your Moralis DAO Discord account, so you can display it proudly among your fellow mages.

Check out the official video tutorial for details:

Early Moralis Nitro Users to be Rewarded!

Are you an early adopter who is already using Moralis Nitro? If not, what are you waiting for? Early adoption is encouraged, and those who traverse these uncharted waters will be rewarded! Remember, assistance is always available in the Moralis DAO Discord.

Check the link to get started with Moralis Nitro today:

Each of you is part of something extraordinary, and this magazine is all about putting the power of Moralis to work for you!

We are all Moralis and are here to support each other. If you are not already active in the Moralis DAO Discord, today’s the day to make your introduction.

Inside the Moralis DAO Discord, you’ll find a stacked deck of Moralis experts and fellow mages. Post your projects and get feedback from the community, participate in coding challenges, and stay updated with the latest Moralis features and updates.

…and now Moralis Mages, the main event…

Updating NFT Assets

When adding Web3 utility, such as NFT assets to our games, it is critical to have in-game actions directly affect the properties of these player owned assets.

Join us again this week, as Moralis Expert Ash reveals the secrets behind the inner workings of NFT games; showing us how to update the metadata of in-game NFT assets using Moralis and Web3:

What you do with the tools and expertise provided is up to you, and we hope this magazine helps spark some ideas.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this week’s Moralis Magazine useful. 


See you next time 💚

The Moralis Research Team

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