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December 3, 2021

Moralis Magazine #16 – Moralis-Powered Mobile Messenger

Table of Contents

What is Moralis?

We (the Moralis DAO) support and use the most robust and powerful Web3 framework available.

Moralis is a powerful Web3 framework, but together as the Moralis DAO, we are so much more than that. We want to help you level up your developments by giving you the tools and components you need to build your applications quickly. 

Moralis Magazine Holiday Series Starts Next Week!

You don’t want to miss the next few weeks of Moralis Magazine, as we have a bundle of treasures in store for all Moralis Mages! Therefore, join us this holiday season for a cozy cottage of dApp building adventures.

What are you building with Moralis? Are you stuck? Reach out to us with questions and comments. Who knows, we may even respond to you directly in a future magazine! 

Send Us Your Questions

Worldwide Webb – Built with Moralis

These days, the “metaverse” seems to be on everyone’s mind, and a multitude of digital worlds are in development, each promising their own vision of a virtual world to interact in.

The project “Worldwide Webb” recently emerged on the scene. This is an operational 2D world, backend-powered by none other than Moralis – the world’s leading Web3 framework.

However, don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself! All it takes is a Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) to get started. 

Moralis for Game Developers

Worldwide Webb is just one example of numerous different blockchain-based games, which can use Moralis on the backend.

To increase accessibility to developers, and as announced last week, a Moralis/Unity SDK is in development. This will allow for quick integration of Web3 functions into Unity-based games.


We have tools to help you! Check out these instructional videos for details and tips, by the one and only – Ivan on Tech:

This week’s challenge is to build a multiplayer game: When your game is ready, make sure to show us what you built! The winning participant will receive an exclusive Bored Moralis Mage NFT from our rare collection.

Avalanche Hackathon Incoming!

Already promising to be a massive event, you don’t want to miss the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon. With over $350,000 in prize money up for grabs, we’re looking to find, field, and fund the future of Avalanche development; and ensure that you are equipped with the best tools to succeed: Moralis Web3. 

See the official announcement for more details:

We are all Moralis

Each of you is part of something extraordinary, and this magazine is all about putting the power of Moralis to work for you!

We are all Moralis and are here to support each other. If you are not already active in the Moralis DAO Discord, today’s the day to make your introduction.

Inside the Moralis DAO Discord, you’ll find a stacked deck of Moralis experts and fellow mages. Post your projects and get feedback from the community, participate in coding challenges, and stay updated with the latest Moralis features and updates.

Join the Polychain Monsters/Moralis Academy Giveaway

Moralis and Polychain Monsters are giving away PMON tokens and free Moralis Academy access! This is a win/win situation, and all you have to do is tweet and tag to qualify:

The giveaway won’t last long; make sure to enter today!

If you have been building along with us, you’ve already set up a Moralis web wallet, done some address tracking, created some alerts, and maybe even started on your own DEX or Web3 social network project. If you’ve missed out on these tutorials, check out our past magazine issues on the Moralis blog.

Up next, we are moving into mobile development to take full advantage of Moralis’ React Native support, as we together build a…

Moralis-Powered Messaging App

If you need a primer on developing mobile apps with Moralis, check out our Ethereum mobile boilerplate and overview.

What you do with the tools and expertise provided is up to you, and we hope this magazine helps spark some ideas.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this week’s Moralis Magazine useful. 


See you next time 💚

The Moralis Research Team

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