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August 2, 2021

Announcing the #BuiltWithMoralis Program

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Are you building with Moralis and want to show off what you’ve built, how fast it is to build with Moralis, or want more publicity for your Moralis project? If so, the #BuiltWithMoralis program is for you!

Introducing #BuiltWithMoralis

So, what is #BuiltWithMoralis? In short, the #BuiltWithMoralis program is a Moralis initiative to help developers share and generate awareness for their projects, inspire each other, and collaborate. One of Moralis’ core missions is to facilitate the ultimate developer experience, which extends far beyond just providing Moralis’ powerful Web3 development platform. We also want to help you create buzz around your projects, and foster connections and collaboration in the community. This is where #BuiltWithMoralis comes in.

Specifically, the #BuiltWithMoralis project is a key step to helping developers get the word out regarding their projects. It will allow developers to freely participate in showcasing their Moralis projects on social media, and provide greater insight into what others are building – fostering inspiration and collaboration.

Once a month, we will select a few of the #BuiltWithMoralis projects that have been shared on social media (using the #BuiltWithMoralis hashtag) as that month’s chosen #BuiltWithMoralis projects. Moreover, these chosen projects will receive a publicity push from us at Moralis and be featured on the official Moralis blog as well as through Moralis’ social media channels. Additionally, certain projects will also receive exposure in Ivan on Tech’s weekly Moralis updates. We will also select one project per month to receive a limited edition Moralis “Built for Developers, With Love” t-shirt. Earn it and wear it with pride! 

How to Participate in #BuiltWithMoralis

So, how do you participate? We’ve made it as easy as possible to enter into the #BuiltWithMoralis program. Simply do the following when posting on either Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • Describe your Moralis project (feel free to share screenshots!)
  • Include the hashtag #BuiltWithMoralis in your tweet or post (this is hugely important)
  • Briefly explain why you decided to use Moralis or the main benefits you’ve found
  • Ideally, include links to your website, GitHub, or other socials in the post 

That’s all it takes! Share your project on Twitter or Linkedin and use the #BuiltWithMoralis hashtag to take part. We cannot wait to see what you’re building!

I Don’t Know What to Build

Don’t you know what to build yet? No worries! The Moralis website and the official YouTube channel are full of inspirational material for you to go through. Moreover, be sure to check out the official Moralis documentation for technical details and the Moralis blog for daily Moralis-related updates helping you to build dApps. Also, be sure to check out this video for free ideas for dApps you can start building with Moralis today!

Additionally, you can join the Moralis Discord community today to brainstorm with like-minded developers. Feel free to join the conversation and engage with the wider Moralis community in developing your dApps!

What is Moralis?

Moralis is the ultimate Web3 development platform that enables you to rapidly create and scale Web3 dApps. Most notably, it provides all the dApp development functionality you expect – with dramatically less cost and complexity. What’s more, Moralis’ flexible, modular components allow you to use as much or as little functionality as you need. This includes Moralis’ entirely managed, backend infrastructure for projects that don’t want to build a costly and complex backend of their own – with just a single line of code. 

Moralis is already being used by a long list of high-profile projects, including – among others – SuperFarm, Mover, NFTmall, and cooperates with the likes of Polygon, Chainlink, Polkastarter, and many more. Be sure to use Moralis and its powerful tools – including, e.g., the Moralis Price API, Moralis NFT API, Moralis Deep Index API, Moralis Speedy Nodes with WebSocket support – to build dApps, develop NFT games, create Ethereum tokens, and much more. Sign up to Moralis for free today, and get access to 155 million requests per month without any charge!


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